Corpus Christi, TX – Veteran, Victor Garcia, who is now 10 months into Goodwill Veterans Services (GVS) received a very special surprise Monday, July 23, 2018….

Garcia normally rides the bus to work. He then gets on his bike to pedal a 1-mile route to his work destination. The mile-long ride includes going through neighborhood to rural dirt roads, rain or shine. Goodwill Veterans Services staff who worked closely with Victor saw his need for a new bike and took the extra step to ensure that Victor was not at another disadvantage.

Garcia had been out of work for 3 years and made the decision to go to Goodwill for help. The help he received gave him a second chance to start over again.

Victor states, “My life started to go down and for three years I didn’t use Veterans Assistance until one day I said you know what, I need to get help and thank goodness you guys (Goodwill) came through. Goodwill is not just a brand its real organization that is out there helping the community. I tell people to come to Goodwill for help.”

Garcia went from living in a shelter to now paying for his own apartment. He now has a full-time job with benefits and continues to receive help from the services at Goodwill. An update into his 180 of employment is coming soon!