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Goodwill’s bi-annual “Donate $1. Create Jobs” is an in-store fundraising campaign taking place at Goodwill South Texas stores from November 2-30, 2015. Sales associates will be asking Goodwill customers to “Donate a dollar to help create jobs for people with disabilities.”

In exchange for one dollar, customers will help advance the mission of Goodwill of providing job training and other critical services to people served. Customers will also receive recognition by writing their name on a tear pad which will be displayed at the store during the campaign.

Our goal is raise $16,000 for Goodwill’s mission services program. We ask you to support Goodwill and give today!

10 days left

campaign total through 11/19/2015





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  • Your donated items helped 2,952 people in South Texas earn jobs last year. Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

  • Your Goodwill purchases help pay for financial planning & job training for local families in need. Goodwill, More Than a Store.